Design and thinking. Sometimes together.



Our Clients Are Incredible

When we say we want to work with interesting people that do great things Daniel Chaffin Furniture Makers are exactly who we're talking about. Kertis Creative (who also do great stuff) produced this mini documentary that is worth your time. It makes us happy to call them our pals.


The Monoicono Design Process

Some might describe us as quirky. We describe ourselves as honest. We don't have a trademarked quantitative research method, or any flow chart that will help you to understand the dark arts of design. We do have this handy guide to give you an idea of great we could be together.


Gargantua: The Soundtrack of Your Life?


Monoicono's first foray into publishing was a resounding success, thanks in part to the incredible people who allowed us to suck up their time with interviews and photo shoots. Unfortunately there are no more print editions to be had. However, if you're a savvy brute in flyover country, or just interested in things like culture, art, politics, policy, business and sports you can read Middleman online right here. 

Look out for the next publishing project from Monoicono at some point in 2013 as we learned enough through our first effort to make a massive overhaul to our second. We can only hope it will be as successful. Again, many thanks to all those who put in the time to make this such a great publication.