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Spring Forth

MONOICONO has been working with our good friends over at Innerspring. Based out of the bastion of progressivity in Portland, Oregon, they offer services in hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing. Both of these bring a unique design challenge. After all most imagery associated with hypnosis involves spirals and swirly eyed crazy people.

To combat those associations we went for something that struck the chords of balance and serenity. Almost all the elements are symmetrical the (the rosette pattern, the monogram) or have a specific rhythm (the dots and descending letters in the wordmark). To give the identity a little life there is the stippled pattern from the monogram that subtly suggests a spring bubbling to life.

So if you're in the Portland area and are perhaps in a family way, or looking to quit smoking or any plethera of issues check her out.

Jason LaughlinComment