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An Old Friend, New Work

Well friends, I have done some actual design work recently. So, I thought I'd share that as well as mention you are invited to participate in said work. My old friend Jessica is rebranding her yoga studio and is holding an open house on April 15 at which you would be welcome to stop by. The new studio is The Trilliquin Center and is at 2108b Bardstown Road – next door to the newish Dundee Candy Shop location.It will be much more than yoga with creativity workshops, art classes, philosophy and other shit way over my head.

In terms of the work we worked long and hard on the name and the idea that the work needed to be as layered as the business she's running. So without further ado:



And the official invite!:


The idea is that she doesn't have a logo per se, as much as a bucket of parts that can be mixed and matched. It's more like the brand of a Bazaar than a yoga studio. Some sweet signage will be forthcoming and shown here shortly. Over the course of the next week or so the Website will have actual information. But you can check it out here.

Hope to see you next week!