Design and thinking. Sometimes together.


Branding is thinking made real. Here are some thoughts on design, branding and other miscellany.

Thinking and Doing

We here at MONOICONO are suffering a touch of an identity crisis. This is a fairly off-putting thing when you are generally in the business of helping others find their identity. Unfortunately it's not a mid-life crisis (as neither I nor MONOICONO are in the middle of their lives), because if it were we could simply buy a convertible and be done with it.

Thinking Things Through (To No End)

What seems to have cropped up is that MONOICONO has become too much thought and not enough action. What are we trying to do here? Is it make a ton of money (if so this is a bad idea to begin with)? Not really. What MONOICONO wants to be is a thinking and doing institution, with an emphasis on the doing. So what's stopping us?

It turns out what gets in the way is something common to many folks in and out of the design business. That is we think to much. We think about every single angle. We dream about the stars all aligning, the circumstances falling right into place and then shazam, something wonderful gets done. All this thinking turns into a big bubble that holds all the doing part from getting out. It raises the fear that the thing might fail. Or cost you money. Or some other thing that will wound you somehow.

Start By Stopping

In an effort to be more of a doing type institution, MONOICONO has thought of some things. Ironic, we know. Something we run into is that we often hold design down and don't think of it as an expandable field. Often those of us in the graphic design and branding biz get caught up in this being the only thing we are capable of, and that design has to cram itself into that definition. Then we wonder why we feel stuck.

Part of the issue for MONOICONO is that we're interested in many fields that are directly or tangentially related to design. From urban planning, to furniture, to music, to environmental economics. So how do we stick our thumbs in all of these pies successfully? We start by sticking our thumbs in a couple of them. You start by doing it. Stop thinking and start doing.

An Open Call

MONOICONO is interested in a couple of projects in the near future. We would like to work with fine artists in an effort to create either mini monographs or perhaps something more utilitarian (calendars, murals, installations, enviromental pieces). Secondly we are interested in publishing photo-essays and traditional journalistic accounts of major events in Kentucky in a printed publication. Essentially MONOICONO wants there to be light shed on the great talent and important things that are happening in Kentucky and the surounding region and help people see how we relate to the rest of the world. This could eventually be quarterly. So photographers and writers out there, give us a shout. We are ready to try to find a way to make this happen. In future posts I hope to flesh out the ideas and the thoughts on how to get things done. These things in particular. So if you or someone you love is interested in a project that MONOICONO can be involved in, let us know. It's time to start doing things people! Before it's too late.


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