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A Little help From My Friends

So here are some thoughts on projects that MONOICONO is interested in doing. However, we don't necessarily have the capacity (mental or monetary) to necessarily execute these plans. So, with that in mind we are searching for help from other agencies, creative folks, or those interested in starting something that excites them.


Kentucky and Louisville both offer a great deal for a small relatively poor state and a mid-sized city. However, right now there are issues that hold a great deal of significance for the future of this community. MONOICONO would like to work on a quarterly journal that documents the changing face of our city and state, as well as how they fit into the world in the areas of culture (in it's broadest definition) economics, and environment. MONOICONO has set out an outline of stories that could be involved in the first issue and possible recurring columns that could be in subsequent issues:

1.) From Black to Green: How a state reliant on coal deals with the realities of a green economy

2.) 8664: How trying to build bridges can burn them

3.) Home Grown: How local farmers restaurants and farmer's markets are perpetuating the slow food movement in Kentucky

4.) Park Central: How Louisville is at the forefront of creating green spaces ahead of development

5.) How can Kentucky and Louisville survive the recession by wooing small businesses rather than trying for the big score

6.) Features on Local Artists

7.) Features on streets ripe for retail and small business development

These are just a few ideas. in order to make this happen MONOICNO would need  to be linked to writers and photographers that are excited about doing longer-form journalism and photo-essays that can give context to the importance of what's happening around us. Additionally MONOICONO would need to field a trusted group to serve as a somewhat ad hoc editorial board.

MONOICONO likes people to paid for their work. For something like this to be done right, volunteerism needs to be help to an absolute minimum. Those who do this out of passion need to be paid to offer what we think is an important project to those in the state. And without pay, let's face it, the passion fades quickly. So how?

We like the idea of the PBS/NPR model of patronage. Those who read essentially pledge to support the publishing of the piece. If advertisers would be interested, then that's something to look into. However, MONOICONO isn't in the ad sales game. This is an idea in infancy, so those who really think they want to give this a go, let us know so we can work together.


Artists, successful small business owners, oddballs and tycoons be aware that MONOICONO would love to do three to five minute documentaries on people around our city. Whether your in urban planning or busking, MONOICONO wants to document the people that make our city unique.


These are the initial offerings. MONOICONO wants to do good and do well. We are interested in sparking relationships and delving into issues we are interested in. So help us out if you've got the time.