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Branding is thinking made real. Here are some thoughts on design, branding and other miscellany.

The Bandwagon

In starting this journal I made a decision to not simply post a bunch of links. There are plenty of other places that already do a much better job of this than I ever could. The goal was to keep this journal in the realm of critical writings and, in the future, interviews with artists illustrators and other things relevant (at least partially to design). However, I find myself with the burning desire to unload these links. And so I thought I would at least try to justify it by making some sort of salient point.

Talent is a Dime a Dozen

In looking at the links I'm about to present, and all the incredible things floating around in the world, we all should take note that "talent" is a minimal part of the game in terms of certain kinds of success. To really be great you have to have dedication, luck and smarts beyond just your talent. With that said, enjoy the awesomeness:

1.) More proof that to be cool, you have to be foreign (not American)

2.) Someone has adopted the MONOICONO Mantra

3.) Rumba Art. Really.

4.) When designers and bakers have too much time delicious idiocy ensues

5.) Your Lebowski characters.

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