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Branding is thinking made real. Here are some thoughts on design, branding and other miscellany.

A Job Done is a Job Just Begun

Ola, campers! It's time to embark in the third part of our journey in MONOICONO's current project. The first thing to impart to those interested in process is deadlines are a necessity. When things are fast and loose, so is the process. When things are set in stone, magically things get done. So, first we decided to work on developing marks for two main names, knowing that one would likely make more sense once we saw things with them. Remember, this is a market research firm that is young and small and working on some very cool research and reporting techniques, greatly ahead o the curve in my estimation.

The Names

The Magnetic Group and Category Five Research. They both had the sort of edge they were looking for and left open the visual possibilities, which is really what we're all concerned with here, right? So let's get to it.


I know some folks don't do the sketch work anymore, but I have this vain hope that someday someone will collect my papers for posterity. They will probably look at them and have no idea what the hell they mean. Here are some initial sketches:

This leads to work on the computer that I generally consider sketches as well, since we all know that 95% of the work will go the logo bone yard. My client was nice enough to say they were amazed at how much good stuff just disappears. Though it's mostly stuff that you say, wow that's cool, and then deem completely unusable in any rational way. Here's a sampling:

After a great deal of discussion they went with The Magnetic Group. It focused on the people in the company, and opens itself up to some interesting writing and things (which we'll document in another post). They loved the "retro" feel of the sketches and felt it would really help them not only stand out, but get across the personality of the people in the company. And so this is where we're heading:


Yet, while the development of the logo has been incredibly gratifying, and these clients very good to work for, we've only just begun. There is all the fun collateral and writing to do. So look forward to more.